From 31 May until 11 June 2010 the negotiations on the UN climate regime will resume in the Maritim Hotel in Bonn, Germany. The regional civil society alliance "Klimawelle — Aktion für Klimaverantwortung und Klimagerechtigkeit" / "Climate Wave – Action for Climate Responsbility and Climate Justice" want to encourage people to join in then protests that are planned for the first week of June in the former capital of Germany.

For the climate movement this is a chance not only to make our voice heard but also to network, to further elaborate on the concept of climate justice, and to highlight the anticapitalist essence of this new movement.

Information of the Klimawelle:
Website and ride-sharing opportunity:


Most important events:

– the networking meetings of Climate Justice Action and the Klima!Bewegungsnetzwerkes
– the discussions at the Klimaforum and at the camp

– some disobedient actions in the tradition of Copenhagen
– the "System Change Not Climate Change" block on the demonstration

29 May – 6 June
Climate Camp (in Bonn Messdorf)
Movement-Building for climate justice

29 Mai
Decentralized Action Day
Street Theatre against Emissions Trade

29/30 June
Meeting of Climate Justice Action (at the Klimacamp)

3 June
Critical Mass/Bike Demonstration (15:30, from Alter Zoll in Bonn)
We don't hinder the traffic, we are the traffic!

3 June
Meeting of the Klima!Bewegungsnetzwerkes (at Klimacamp)

3/4 June
Klimaforum (Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn)
Climate protection quo vadis? Concrete Measures on Climate Justice!
(by Attac, BUND and Klimawelle)

5 June
Demo (13 Uhr, from Kaiserplatz Bonn)
Demonstration for climate responsibility and climate justice
with a "System Change Not Climate Change" block

Posted via email from World People’s Conference