Take direct action for climate justice!

Where next for the climate justice movement after the failure of Copenhagen, the inspiration of Cochabamba? How can we move from demanding climate justice to actually fighting for climate justice? By taking direct action wherever we are to shut down major emitters, to fight false solutions, to reclaim our power over our own lives.

Two years ago, the Latin American network ‘Global Minga’ called for an annual day of action in defence of mother earth on October 12, reclaiming the day that used to be imposed as ‘Columbus Day’. Responding to this call, and the demand for a day of action for ‘system change, not climate change’ made in Copenhagen by the global movements, Climate Justice Action is proposing a day of direct action for climate justice on October 12, 2010

To discuss and plan this day of action, and other next steps for our movements, Climate Justice Action is organising a 2-day gathering that is open for everybody who is interested in the fight for climate justice. The meeting will be held at a climate camp in Bonn, Germany, from the 29th to the 30th of May. 

What’s on the agenda?

We will be discussing not only the day of direct action, there will also be folks giving feedback from the People’s Summit in Cochabamba, updates about the mobilisation towards COP16 in Cancun, Mexico, and plenty of time for working groups. But given that the main purpose of this meeting is to organise the Day of Action, it would be great if groups could come with concrete proposals for how to get involved in it. 


The meeting will be happening at the Bonn Climate Camp, in a meadow at an organic farm in Bonn-Messdorf (seewww.gutostler.de), 20 minutes by bus from Bonn train station.The meeting will take place from 10am to 6pm on both days, and you can arrive on the 28th. Food will be provided for a donation. Given that the meeting will be held in a climate camp, you should, if possible, bring a tent and sleeping bag. If that is not possible or desirable for you, please let us know in advance (mail to: CJABonn[at]gmail.com).

See you all in Bonn – and if not, see you on the streets on October 12th!

Posted via email from World People’s Conference