This morning I heard two interesting pieces of news. One was that I managed to sleep through a police raid around 5am. The cops entered every room in the hostel (except mine), checking passports and nosing around. I think I was vaguely aware of banging and shouting around dawn but somehow resisted waking fully or realising it might have been my door that somebody was battering.

A friend in a hostel across the street reports that they were also raided. Apparently it was immigration checks looking for illegals ahead of the conference in order to ramp up security for Evo Morales.

The other bit of news is that all flights into or out of the UK are now grounded due to volcanic ash in the high atmosphere from an eruption in Iceland. I haven’t heard either way but it seems likely that Agnes may not have left the UK as planned. Seems flights might now be cancelled till at least midday on Saturday.

Posted via email from World People’s Conference