The following sad news just in from the SANKOFAHAMU Climate Camp organising collective in Ghana…

Dear UK Climate Camp Colleagues,

Our meeting in Accra, Ghana, on Monday, 5th April 2010 has resolved most of the thorny problems we had concerning the journey to be made by our Delegate, Awura Afitsufe Ampofo, to attend the April 2010 Peoples’ World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We have deliberately chosen to be strictly scrupulous in not moving to take any steps to get the money you have offered us paid into our Account until we had completely resolved the key questions that had still been confronting us unresolved about our attendance of the Conference in Bolivia. Whilst very gladly welcoming your generous donation of One Thousand Pounds Sterling (GBP1000), we realized that, taking into account not only the very exorbitant air ticket fare but also the costs of medical requirements, accomodation, food and other necessary travel expenses, it will take over Two-thousand and five hundred pounds sterling (GBP2,500) for only one of us to make such a return journey from Accra, Ghana, to and back from Cochabamba, Bolivia! This is way over and above anything we can afford right now.

The very attractive Peoples’ World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights, to be held in a country like Bolivia, whose innovative grassroots people’s democratic creativity in the Green revolutionary quest for an indigenous flavoured pathway to Socialism is so dear to our hearts, is a most important environmental initiative for Global Justice that we very much would have liked to have at least one Representative of our SANKOFAHAMU Climate Camp Organisig Collective to attend. Nevertheless, even though we had known for quite some time about the Conference in Bolivia, we had never, before receiving news about your kind offer of help, contemplated sending a Delegate because of lack on our own part of adequate financial resources. Moreover, our focus upon raising funds and other resources for our own forthcoming SANKOFAHAMU Climate Camp in the Atidze village of the township of Tanyigbe, in the Volta Region of Ghana, which is happening in the third quarter of this very year of 2010, is such an overriding topmost priority of ours that it is not possible for us to find any substantial amount of extra money to add to your donation in order to pay for the very costly journey to and from the Conference in Bolivia. Our inability to find extra funds right now to add to your donation in order to be able to afford the whole cost of making the journey and attending such a very important Conference, moreover in Bolivia of all places, is a very huge disappointment to each and every one of us.

We only take consolation in the generosity of your great act of Internationalist Solidarity in offering such a substantial help to us, for which we shall always be profoundly grateful. We are taking consolation also in our hope that your UK Camp for Climate Justice Delegation, together with other participating Activists of the Climate Justice International which we regard ourselves as belonging to, will see themselves as representing all of us; and, not only diligently make every effort to get the Conference in Bolivia to seriously address the heart of the Climate Change matter, its root-causes arising from moribund Capitalism and its related issues of Global Justice that concern our entire Humanity; but also help to build links between us in Ghana and the “Water Wars Freedomfighters” of Cochabamba and other environmentally conscientious Global Justice campaigners in Bolivia and other parts of the Americas, Europe and the rest of the World. We, on our part, hope we can link up with your UK Camp for Climate Action Delegates by E-Mail, so do please confirm or let us have any new E-Mail addresses they will be using in Bolivia. We also hope as many Delegates of the Climate Justice International as possible, and other interested progressive forces, will be interested in connecting into our planned 221st-22nd April 2010 GRASSROOTSWATCH Programme of “YENARAASASEMKA” Link-Networking from Ghana with interested participants in the Peoples’ World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  We are still sorting out how exactly things will be working out in this GRASSROOTSWATCH Programme and will let you know as soon as possible.

Finally, we would like to ask you to do us a big favour: to consider still donating the One Thousand Pounds Sterling (GBP1000) as a contribution to our fund-raising efforts to support the organisation of our SANKOFAHAMU Climate Camp in Ghana. The decision is entirely yours to make. We only plead very much for your kindly considerate understanding of this humble request of ours in its real terms of genuine Climate Justice Internationalist Solidarity!

Fraternal regards with our very best wishes to you all!

Kojo Prah Annan, Awura Afitsufe Ampofo and Senyo Kwaku Akposoe,
For the SANKOFAHAMU Climate Camp Organising Secretariat,
Accra, Ghana.

Posted via email from World People’s Conference