With the conference now just days away there is increasing activity on various mailing lists about how to make the most of the opportunities. One such email is from somebody participating in a new social center in Lomé, Togo, Africa (http://www.mytronunya.info/).

It states, “we organise on 20 and 21/04 two evening (6pm local time, 2pm bolivian time) about Cochabamba summit and link with togo struggle on climate change. We will use the streaming to show what’s happening in bolivia, make skype connection with french-speaking activist from CJN/CJA, organise speach with different NGO from Togo to explain UNFCCC and Cochabamba summit plus a round-table wich will be recorded for local radio.”

The email continues, “I just want to let you know we are organising this, a south-south exchange about climate change and climate justice. keep fighting and see you another time Benka (french climate camp and avenirclimat.info)”

Likewise there’s been mention of setting up some kind of link up to activists in Barcelona during the summit.  

Meanwhile, the conference has not even begun and yet people are already thinking about building on the momentum…

Bret from Toronto writes, “I thought one of the most powerful elements of the Copenhagen mobilization was the Jubilee South caravan, and I was wondering if there was interest in forming a similar caravan to travel through South America in advance of the COP16 in Mexico?

I think a Caravan of this sort could serve a number of purposes:

1) Develop greater trust between Northern and Southern movements.
2) A chance for activists from different parts of the world to meet with and learn from local movements in South America.
3) Build momentum for the COP16 mobilization to Mexico.

I for one would be willing to go and invest a significant amount of time organizing this. If there are any other individuals who would like to help carry this idea forward, please get in touch and we can start to form a working group to develop a more substantial plan. Especially, if there is anyone out there who is going to Cochabamba who would like to float this idea around, that would be amazing!”

Posted via email from World People’s Conference