(From the CJN List.)

Dear All,

First of all, apologies that this information is rather late.

We know that some of you may have missed the earlier decision to hold
a CJN! post-conference evaluation and strategy meeting on 23 April, so
we are very sorry if you have already booked your flight to come home
earlier. However, there are several other CJN! meetings during the
conference when there will be the chance to participate in the
strategic discussion.

Second, in spite of good intentions, we did not arrive at a process
for people who are not in Cochabamba to contribute to the discussion,
so we can use the CJN! list during the conference to share blogs,
reports, analysis, information and proposals.

Information about the conference is still rather sketchy but here are
some key dates for CJN! and friends to get together.

Key events:

18 April: Pre-conference CJN! strategy and logistics discussion
Aim: to discuss what CJN! hopes to achieve in Cochabamba, and how to do it
Time and venue: to be advised

19 April: 10am Social Movements Assembly
Called by: Alianza Social Continental, ATALC (Amigos de la Tierra
América Latina), Cebrapaz, Central Sindical de las Américas, Climate
Justice Now!, CLOC, COMPA, Fdim, Marcha Mundial das Mulheres, Oclae,
Red CADTM AYNA, Via Campesina)
Venue: to be advised

21 April: CJN! space (we can decide how to use it)
Venue: Universidad del Valle (UNIVALLE), Sala Biblio P3
Time: 18:30 a 20:30

23 April: CJN! evaluation and strategy discussion
Venue: to be advised
Time: All day

We have two interpreters from Babels who will be working with CJN! and
OWINFS to help with translation and interpretation in the non-official
events. We will discuss on 18th meeting how best to use the

Live streaming

If you have a local number in Cochabamba, please share it on the CJN list

Sorry we don’t have more information to share, but if anyone can fill
in some of the gaps, that would be great!

Watch this space and safe travels,

in solidarity, Nicola

Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South
CUSRI, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 10330
n.bullard@focusweb.org www.focusweb.org
+66 2 2187363 (Thailand) +33 6 08044088 (France)

Posted via email from World People’s Conference